Mens Chest

Fat Removal Treatment – Cryolipolysis & Aqualyx 

Mens Chest Toning Treatment

Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing Horsham is the perfect way for Men to lose fat from around the chest area.

For more stubborn areas we recommend Aqualyx fat dissolving injections to target and dissolve fast!

Having a defined chest is important for many men and can prove to be difficult area for fat to shift. Now LA Lipo has the solution.

Cryolipolysis for the Chest


Feeling confident about the way we look is an important factor for many individuals today.

Many people dream of physical perfection and beauty and undergo various invasive procedures resulting in long painful operations.

Thanks to new development in medical technology trying to reduce weight and re-shape our body is now easier, pain-free and ultimately non-invasive.

What is Cryolipolysis ?

Cryolipolysis Horsham also was known as the fat freeze is an effective noninvasive form of fat reduction technique used to freeze the unwanted fat cells beneath the skin without cutting through the skin in order to access and remove the unwanted fat cells and reduce unwanted fats.

Using a controlled vacuum, which has a cooled part inside, does this treatment.

When the skin which contains fat touches the insides of the cooled vacuum cup or pad, the targeted portions become frozen meaning the lipid cells inside gets frozen, but the surrounding tissues are left untouched and undamaged since the procedure is very targeted.

These frozen or crystallized fat cells are then metabolized and processed over time within the span of at least one to three months after the procedure.

These processed crystallized fat cells are then naturally taken of the body.

To successfully eliminate these frozen parts of fat within the body after the treatment, a patient is required to engage in regular exercise and carefully monitored diet.

These healthy and good habits will actually help your body’s metabolism run better.

Therefore letting you burns off and breaks down the fats, which are already frozen after the procedure.

If the patient then continues this kind of healthy regiment, the results are then sustained and can become quite permanent.

Depending on the person, the duration of a treatment usually varies.

One to three sessions is usually the average number of times a person is required to have this treatment to ensure its effectively.

This revolutionary and highly effective new non-invasive medical procedure have already taken the medical industry by storm.

More and more patients and physicians are now turning into this pain-free “cool” way of reducing unwanted body fats and bulges.

Cryolipolysis Horsham is the newest and most effective non-invasive treatment that LA lipo Horsham will successfully help in eliminating unwanted fat bulges.

It utilizes the power of a contained cooling suction assist system making sure the fat tissues are specifically targeted and “frozen”.

Addressing chest fat for men - Now A Local Solution


Many men are choosing Cryolipolysis to shape the body especially the chest area. When chest accumulates fat you’ll want to consider a non-surgical solution.
When it comes to sagging area of body fat for men, the chest area can have a tremendous negative effect on the confidence in a man, which can lead to stress and social discomfort.

The medical term for this type of fat in a man’s chest is known as Pseudogynecomastia. This condition affects a large male population, which may cause a significant amount of embarrassment and emotional issues in a man.

Thanks to Cryolipolysis, this procedure has been shown to be safe and effective in treating men’s troublesome chest area. The objective of fat freezing can target stubborn fat in the chest area to help reduce excess fat.

The treatment gets rid of unwanted fat cells in the selected area which the body slowly removes the dead fat cells. This completely safe non-invasive approach will have an effective outcome.

The treatment may take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes and you can return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure

Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections For Men Chest


Aqualyx fat dissolving injections are a good solution for men to lose fat and tone their chest muscles because they offer a non-surgical and minimally invasive approach to targeting specific areas of the body.

This makes them a more targeted and effective option compared to traditional weight loss methods, which can often result in overall weight loss without specifically targeting areas such as the chest.

Additionally, Aqualyx injections work by breaking down and eliminating stubborn areas of fat cells in the body.

This is especially beneficial for men who tend to store excess fat in their chest area, also known as “man boobs” or gynecomastia.

By targeting these specific fat deposits, Aqualyx injections can help men achieve a more toned and defined chest appearance.

Moreover, Aqualyx injections have been found to have minimal side effects and downtime compared to surgical procedures such as liposuction.

This makes them a convenient option for busy men who may not have the time or desire for a lengthy recovery period.

Furthermore, Aqualyx injections can also indirectly help improve muscle definition on the chest.

By reducing the layer of subcutaneous fat, the underlying musculature becomes more visible, giving the appearance of a more toned and sculpted chest.

In conclusion, Aqualyx fat dissolving injections offer an effective and targeted solution for men looking to lose stubborn fat and tone their chest muscles.

With minimal risks and downtime compared to surgery, it is a safe and convenient option for achieving a more defined and masculine physique.