Cryolipolysis Treatment before and after

Why Is Cryolipolysis Or Fat Freezing Best?

  • Non surgical fat reduction 
  • Incision-free surgery is possible.
  • As surgical procedures go, this one has a very minimal potential for serious complications.
  • The procedure does not require hospitalisation.
  • Patients don’t need to be put to sleep or put under anaesthesia for this treatment.
  • Multiple body parts can be worked on at once during a single session.

Before & After Results

What LA LIPO want for Their clients

At LA Lipo we understand that customers want their bodies to look and feel a certain way without the dreaded recovery period.

We all want our results to be faster, painless and affordable, results that won’t leave us missing out on other opportunities, and there is no better way than having the experience of your fat frozen to appreciate weight loss results truly.

The procedure works by targeting specific areas of the body, with the arms and waist being the most popular choices.

A section or sections of the body are clamped between two skin friendly electronic machines, which are then cooled to a minus degree to begin the crystallisation of fat cells within the body.

There are different sized clamps to suit certain areas, but each clamp uses the same process as any other.

It works by freezing the specified area for a period, no longer than an hour to provide results of up to 20 per cent body fat reduction.

This can, of course, be repeated over time to achieve more sculpted looks, and with the addition of it being pain-free, customers find themselves divulging in other parts of their body to achieve their ‘perfect’ look.

before, Cryolipolysis
Before & After Belly Fat
Before and After Dieting
Before & After Stomach Fat
Why Choose LA LIPO

We want our customers to feel amazing in their skin, and if that can be achieved by a handful of sessions, then we are the premier service to use.

Nobody is too difficult or challenging; we welcome every shape and size. It is a process, rather than having to endure a journey, and we want to be a part of the weight loss process with you.

A knowledgeable and dependable team of consultants are on hand to welcome our customers, each one able to create a plan designed to cater to that individual’s needs and desires. It is a tailor-made service because everyone is different.

Many of our customers find that they are unhappy with certain features of their body, whether it be those stubborn love handles or that uncomfortable muffin top that just doesn’t disappear after countless workout routines. We are on hand to provide those desired weight loss results.

Through this procedure, our customers have felt it be more of a natural process, compared to surgery.

It offers men and women the opportunity to achieve natural-looking results without the hard work. Check out our FAQ.


How is non surgical fat reduction better than doing Exercise and Diets?

Diet and exercise aren’t for all of us, but weight loss is a game that we can now all play.

At LA Lipo we want our customers to love their bodies, and if we can help in achieving that goal, then our mission is complete!

You will be able to see our Before and After on Cryolipolysis. See our FAQs!

We have found that after some sessions, many of our customers have been able to transform their lifestyle and the fat removing procedure has completely changed the way in which they love their bodies.

How the Procedure Works and the Results

How Long do Results Last?

The results are longer lasting than everyday dieting and exercise, but that doesn’t mean you should jump off the treadmill just yet.

In recent years, the demand to have perfect features has increased, and natural weight loss alone doesn’t quite cut it for everyone.

Our customers now can use this procedure on more than just unwanted bingo wings and love handles.

The option to reduce and minimise fat cells in the face, neck, stomach, arms, legs, hips, waist, buttock and back are in high demand, and at LA Lipo with offer customers a multitude of those options to suit their needs.

We know that our looks are important to who we are and how others perceive us, so at LA Lipo we believe in providing our customers with the best opportunities to look their best.

No question is too silly; nobody part is too large, our expert team is on hand to deal with all of your questions and to put you at ease.

There are times we when all fall off the diet wagon and need a quick weight loss fix to put us back on the right track, and many of our customers find that this is just the procedure.

Customers Reviews
I liked the fat freezing it was easy and and fast. Lost around 2 inches over two sessions
fat freezing arms
It does take a few weeks after the treatment to see the results but it does work so all good
LA Lipo gave us a great deal and amazing service so overall happy.
Mike & Sarah