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Non Surgical LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment Chair Treatment –

Pelvic Floor Activation Treatment

Incontinence Treatment From LA Lipo

Stop your concerns today – non invasive incontinence treatment for men and women.

LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment Incontinence Treatment

For Men & Women

Strengthened pelvic floor muscles enhance ladies’s sex-related satisfaction.

Pelvic floor activating treatment, aiding men and women to gain back bladder control.

With results improving throughout the course of therapy, renovation can be seen after just one session.

Therapy that is non-invasive and calls for no recovery.

You keep your whole clothing on while getting treatment.
Now downtime!

There is no discomfort, while receiving therapy.

95 percent of people were satisfied.

LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment Incontinence Treatment

incontinence treatment


For A Busy Lifestyle

You are the best person to comprehend that parenting is a delicate balance. balancing work, day evenings, as well as personal time while handling diaper changes, feedings, institution pick-ups, and also household time!

Consequently, when bladder leakage happens, it is one facet of your busy schedule that you have no control over.

After giving birth or perhaps as males age, experiencing urine incontinence can be awkward, humiliating, or perhaps distressing.

Urinary system incontinence can be brought on by pregnancy, menopause, ageing, urinary tract infections, smoking cigarettes, hysterectomy complications, an enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer cells.

What Actually Is LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment Incontinence Treatment

Consider it a sort of pelvic Chair.

You deserve a life without leakages because you are a queen or king, particularly after having a child!

This medicine is also valuable for men, specifically if they have a history of prostate issues.

Various supramaximal tightenings of the pelvic flooring are induced by the high-intensity concentrated electromagnetic (LA-HIEMT) energy that the LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair sends out.

It develops the pelvic floor muscle mass quicker and also efficiently than volunteer muscular contractions can, to put it in fancy clinical terms.

Workouts to enhance the pelvic floor may be sufficient in some situations.

If you are living with stress incontinence, erectile dysfunction, mixed incontinence or urinary incontinence you probably suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles.

kegel exercises can only do so much to stop you living looking for the nearest toilet
and using incontinence pads.

clinical trials show that LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair is a breakthrough treatment using high intensity focused electromagnetic in a non invasive procedure to treat pelvic floor muscles via the treatment chair.

This revolutionary treatment works by muscle contractions on the pelvic organs and increases blood flow wiht its electromagnetic energy.

Why Is LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment Better?

incontinence treatment


Yes it is. The FDA-approved LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair provides both men and women an effective non-surgical healing alternative for the administration of bladder leak and pelvic flooring disorder.


LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment is a great alternative for males and females of any type of age that wish to enhance their quality of life as well as find a cure for urine urinary incontinence.


A treatment technique will certainly be developed for you by your medical professional.

A typical therapy lasts for about half an hour, as well as you will certainly need approximately 6 twice-weekly appointments.


Throughout the procedure, you’ll really feel tingling and also contractions in your pelvic floor muscle mass.

Following the procedure, you can right away get back to your regular regimen.


After simply one session, you could already see renovation. In general, the results will improve over the coming weeks.

LA LIPO LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment treatment is a non surgical treatment for stress urinary incontinence.

It is completely non invasive and the best part is you can sit on the chair fully clothed and the LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment treatments penetrates deep for maximum contraction and neuromuscular control.

In this treatment cycle you will see significant improvement for urge incontinence, overactive bladder, stress incontinence, involuntary leakage and sexual wellness treatment works by imitating kegel exercises through high intensity focused electromagnetic within the pelvic floor area.

Patients report effective treatment for symptoms of incontinence in a few 30 minutes single session and the best thing is you can resume normal activities straight afterwards.