Why Our Cryotherapy is the Perfect Choice for Removing Unwanted Marks

Sun damage? Age spots? Skin tag? Name it, and we’ll find a less painful, more affordable way to help return the beauty and health of your skin. Talking about cryotherapy !

Cryotherapy Defined

Ever heard of cryotherapy ? If not, then you’re missing out good deals here. It is a cold therapy technique in which the body will be exposed to very cold temperatures. The process may take several minutes.

Cryotherapy is highly popular in the health and cosmetic industry, promoting natural wellness and healing. It commonly makes use of liquid nitrogen to target specific body areas such as wrist or knee. Fitness buffs, famous personalities, professional athletes, and even everyday persons depend on hydrotherapy at least once in a while for weight or mental management, workout recovery, pain management, or whole-body wellness.

Get flawless skin with CryoPen treatment!

Skin imperfections do not only have an effect on our physical body but to our confidence and self-esteem as well. No worries – CryoPen is here to regenerate your skin while at the same time boosting up your social capability!

First of all…

What is CryoPen Treatment?

An advanced cryotherapy innovation, CryoPen is the newest solution for removing unwanted skin imperfections in a quick, safe, and effective manner. The procedure usually lasts from five to thirty seconds.

This pen-like device emits a spray of liquid nitrous oxide. The inter-cellular fluid is freeze to destroy the tissue. No single damage to the tissues surrounding the area. Practical and precise, which makes it a sought-after treatment for returning the fresh aura of your skin.

Being low risk means there are only a few side effects you can expect from using this method (e.g., nerve damage). But overall, a great alternative for getting rid of:

The Benefits

CryoPen is a noninvasive treatment. This means there is no exposure to toxic cryogenic liquids or gases. The procedure is low risk, quiet, and patient-friendly. While no anaesthesia needed, the entire therapy is still painless.

Immediate treatment could be done even without a referral, unlike traditional methods. Also, CryoPen only takes far less time. It is used in almost all benign skin lesion treatments.

LA Lipo Services

If you need a highly experienced and professional specialist to provide you with CryoPen treatment services, look no further than LA Lipo ! Our attentive, friendly team highlights your needs and wants, among other factors. Hence, allowing us to offer tailored treatment plans that suitable for you. Consultation is thoroughly done before considering the best possible course of action.

Our registered nurses give the information and support you need before, during, and after the treatment. We only use the most advanced medical instruments for every treatment we handle. Allow us to become part of achieving your body goals!

Don’t worry about the cost as it won’t burden you. Talk to us now and see how we can help! Whether it is milia, age spots, sun damage, skin tag, or others, there’s no job as complex.

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Thank you LA Lipo for restoring my self confidence. The excess fat is now gone. Cryolipolysis treatment is more effective than exercises. They are affordable, and the schedule is convenient too! - Dawn

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