Dancers reap many benefits with LA Lipo

Do you love to dance ?

Do you enjoy keeping fit?

If you do, but are worried about revealing your arms and legs while dancing, then we can help you feel more body confident. As a dancer, we understand just how much you need to feel good about yourself and your body. If you do have some excess fat on your upper arms, stomach or thighs, then Cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment provided by LA Lipo can help get rid of this unwanted fat.

The great news about Cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment is that you will not need any injections or surgical procedures, as it is non invasive. All treatment is topical to the skin. We simply apply cold pressure to the area of skin that you want fat removed from, and this cold pressure treatment then freezes the fat cells. You won’t feel any pain, just a cold feeling, and your body will naturally eliminate those unwanted fat cells.

This fat freezing treatment is relatively quick and can be undertaken in around 30 minutes. You can even fit a treatment session between dance lessons. You will need several sessions of treatment to gain the best results, but you will see a dramatic reduction in fat, as well as a more well defined thigh or bicep.

If you wish to get rid of unwanted fat from your thighs or upper arms and wish to create more sculpted and toned arms and legs, then please do get in contact with us for a free consultation. We want you to feel good about your body and to carry on dancing .

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My first experience of HIfu was easy and painless and has made a noticeable difference to the lines on my face. I was so happy to find a local clinic and get such great results.

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