LA LipoCryolipolysis system for Hips and Back

Cryolipolysis is a treatment method used to tone and shape your hips and lower back by removing the body fat under the skin. Ideally, it is a non-invasive procedure that uses cooling technology, resulting in localised fat reduction . Understand that fat freezing used in this procedure is different from other non-surgical treatments. Unlike in most laser treatments, fat cells are destroyed permanently. Lipocryolipolysis cools the fat in the back and hip areas when frozen to a controlled temperature, causing fat cells to crystallise and die.

How it Works

In this procedure, a machine is placed on the skin to cool and freeze the fat cells cryogenically, leaving the skin on the back and hip intact. Fat cells are very sensitive to cold exposure. Although you are likely to experience a cold sensation, numbness and a little inflammation that may be uncomfortable, the procedure does not hurt. The surrounding tissue that includes nerves, blood vessels and others is not damaged during the elimination of the fat cells. All the eliminated fat cells dissolve in the body through the immune and lymphatic systems. The nervous system is responsible for flushing affected cells using a natural process. As the process takes place, the areas around the back and the hip become smaller in size within a few weeks. Note that your body is resilient and may not recover from the drastic changes experienced in the more invasive method of liposuction.

The Period of the Session

La Lipo has the latest technology on the market, meaning that the time required to get treatment is little. Normally, there is no downtime or recovery period, which means you can resume work immediately after the procedure. Each session may take about half an hour to 35 minutes per area, which is fully dependent on the fat thickness and how fast your body responds to the cooling technology. Many times, one session is always enough, but it would be repeated a second time if you need further reduction. Clinical studies show that the rate of fat reduction through this method to be between 20 and 40 percent in a single session. Although results can be seen from two weeks, some patients experience changes in 12 weeks after treatment.


Physical appearance can dictate your character and self-esteem to a significant extent. Fat-laden hips and lower back may quickly fade your beauty and taking photos could be an issue. For this reason, La Lipo has the ultimate solution for helping such women reduce excess fat in these areas. Our team of specialists is fully insured and trained on how to operate on your hips and back professionally.

I never really trusted fat removal procedures. I thought they were either not safe or even effective. However, when my friend went to LA Lipo and had a successful treatment procedure, I was convinced. I am in the process of having my second session - Mark

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