Fat freezing treatment for defined arms

LA Lipo Cryolipolysis for arms

Our arms are an extremely important part of our bodies, they are essentially what get us through our day-to-day activities. But, there are parts of our arms that can seem unattractive and at times a nuisance, and this is where fat freezing treatment comes into action.

It involves no needles and no scalpels, it is a painless treatment that helps reduce fat around different sections of the arms, but by no means is it a fast process. Each section takes around an hour to treat successfully, and results can usually be seen between two – six months.

The fat freezing procedure reduces fat cells by around 25 percent and more, it works by freezing the skin to a point that the cells begin to self-destruct and over time the body naturally removes the dead cells. Fat freezing is highly compared to liposuction, as the results are very similar but is far less invasive.

Fat freezing can be used on various parts of the arms, many find that using this procedure helps them reach more defined looking arms in a shorter period of time. Most commonly fat freezing is used on the biceps brachii and triceps brachii to help individuals reduce fat surrounding that part of their arm. The triceps are the muscles located towards the back of the arm, it is the most visible arm muscle and an area in which fat freezing works highly. The fat in this section is secured into a mould, which is then chilled to the point where it can be broken down by the body. The biceps which lie between the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow too goes through this procedure, but areas that have enough fat that can be easily pinched by the fat freezing devices display the best results.

Other parts of the arm like the shoulder and rotator cuff can too go through the fat freezing process, however freezing this part of the arm is dependent on the amount of fat available.

Taking the steps to fat freezing can help you reach your desired end body results, especially if you have recently had a dramatic weight loss, it can help you define those hang-ups you have surrounding your arms.

For there to be success with a fat freezing process, a healthy lifestyle must be maintained in order to keep the results – healthy lifestyles involved regular exercise and well-balanced diets.

I had been following a strict fitness regime and was always watching the diet I was taking. However, my love handles did not disappear. I was then introduced to LA Lipo by a friend who had a successful fat reduction procedure. My excess fat problems are now over. - Fran

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