Cryolipolysis vs HIFU

Excessive fat levels are undesirable and can also contribute to health problems like clogged arteries and diabetes. When the body has excess lipids that it doesn’t require for energy consumption at the moment, they get turned into fat cells. You can have visceral or subcutaneous fat cells in your body. The former is the type that is found around the organs, and the latter lies just under the skin. It is the second type of fat cells that are targeted by the noninvasive fat reduction methods.

With the increased demand for body contouring, an interest in noninvasive methods has increased. People are constantly going for non-fat reduction and skin tightening procedures being carried out every day. This has led to the creation of different body contouring devices that exert some energy to the skin, leading to changes in the adipocytes that lay beneath it. The devices are normally classified according to the kind of energy they use.

Cryolipolysis from LA Lipo

This is a procedure that works by destroying fat cells by selectively cooling tissues that are rich in lipids. It is a noninvasive type of treatment that has been approved by FDA. The remedy works on excess lipids that are found in thighs, flank, double chin, abdomen and bra fat. Patients undergoing this treatment get accurate energy extraction that aims at injuring the specific lipids. The patients’ skin, muscles and nerves are spared in the process. Due to the cold exposure, the fat cells end up dead. These lipids then get removed from the body through urine within the next 4 to 6 weeks.

For you to qualify for this kind of procedure, there should be visible bulges and pinchable fat that is easy to remove from the body. You should also have a healthy skin layer. Over the past few years, this process has been made even better to ensure that it is safer and faster than before. With only two treatments, patients will not have to go back for other procedures. Patients can also expect to see long-term results that last them up to five years. Even if they gain weight again, patients can notice the areas that underwent fat reduction.

Every area gets treated for around 45 minutes, and your treatment consultant later massages it to hasten recovery. Patients should space these treatments to take place after two months to recover fully between the procedures.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound – HIFU by LA Lipo

This procedure is also known as HIFU. The procedure involves the killing of fat cells through a process known as necrosis. It features the reduction of the abdomen and flanks and is FDA approved too. Patients going for this procedure get their fat cells worked on in a double tissue process. A thermal disruption is done, and later, there is the thickening and contraction of collagen found in the mid plate-like tissues.

The treatment can be applied via transducers that use low energy levels to ensure that patients do not feel pain. Initially, it used extremely high frequencies, which left the patients feeling very painful. The frequency of the wave leads to heating beneath the skin, which destroys fat cells and tightens the area. These treated cells are flushed from the body through the normal removal process for the next 6 months. Due to the discomfort related, it is not a popular method of fat reduction.

For patients to qualify for HIFU, they must have a BMI of less than thirty. Also, we cannot apply this kind of treatment to a person with poor skin quality and low excess looseness. The procedure should only be applied to the specific area of obesity.

How High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Works

The treatment consultant uses a handpiece that works by delivering focused ultrasound waves. They penetrate to an exact depth, causing fat cell necrosis. Since the handpiece moves in a controlled manner, the results are a grid of treated lipids. The device uses high frequency and thus, yields quick heating of the target area beneath the skin without affecting its surface.


What to Expect

We will place a handpiece on your skin, targeting focused energy to the lipids. To carry out the procedure we place the HIFU device twice or thrice on the targeted area, every time, taking between 15 to 20 minutes. The whole procedure takes at least one hour.

Expect to feel warmth during the procedure, which can sometimes become hot and uncomfortable. A tingling sensation and some vibrations might also be experienced, which is totally normal. Patients can expect to begin seeing results within two weeks, and by the third month, the transformation will be complete.

Combining HIFU with Cryolipolysis – LA Lipo offer both

Since HIFU mostly work on larger and stubborn fat pockets, a patient can combine it with cryolipolysis for the ultimate transformation. For example, if a patient is looking to lose fat cells from both the abdomen and double chin, it would be wise to do the two procedures. However, consult with your doctor to ensure it is possible and okay to undergo both. Each body sculpting clinic can explain to a patient the different procedures and technologies that they can combine for maximum desirable ultimate results.

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